giovedì 26 novembre 2009


Welcome to this new blog, all stardoll lovers! I created this blog to show you how to become superstar on stardoll for FREE! Everything you have to do is:

  1. click here
  2. register a free account
  3. play games and complete easy offers to earn points
  4. once you got 10 points (you'll get it within' a few days) go to rewards and get your free superstar card for a superstar membership
  5. go to become superstar (on the stardoll site) and select the "redeem code" option
  6. write the code into the bar and, once you became superstar, all you have to do is... Enjoy your free superstar membership!

This is the best way to become superstar for free. You can play daily games to get more points that you can use for the stardoll card (1 month of superstar membership with 300 stardollars with a value of 10 dollars) or for other on-line games, like: IMVU, entropia, Habbo, second life, neopets and etc... you can enter also in daily or weekly contests for the chance of win tons of points. So... Join this cool site to become superstar with lots of stardollars, and more!

Love from

Me ;-)